Sunday, May 01, 2005

Very Well Said

Check out April 29th post, On Being Disliked: The new not-so-unwelcome anti-Americanism, on Victor David Hanson's blog. Excellent.

It is not too darn hard for Grandma to figure out.

Have you noticed how some of 'the left' have a fear of religion. Wait, no. They have a fear of the Christian religion. My grandmother instilled in me a similar fear. A fear of people with no religion at all. I grew up certain that everyone believed in God, in some form or another. There was no reason not to. Flowers grew. Birds sang. Grandchildren were born. The sun came up and the seasons changed without any of us having to do a darn thing.
I beacame a young adult. I added size to my world. Everyone did not believe in God. When someone said so, I was certain they were a bit off and tried to be polite as I found a way to move far from them in case God decided he was sick and tired of listening to them say he did not excist.
I still have the fear. I live in a country where many people are saying God is someone other than who he is, or that he isn't there at all. It seems very important to them that great doubt be the norm. I teach my children and grandchildren differently. God is watching and he is listening. God is in heaven and he is all around us. Flowers bloom. Birds sing. The sun rises each day and the seasons change without our doing a darn thing.
Those other people need to find out how much more enjoyable life is when so much time, money and work is directed toward living our lives in this wonderful world God created instead of spending so many hours trying to find reasons Christians must be extremist nuts. Not to mention all of the energy that is spent looking for 'the meaning of life' and 'finding one's self.' I don't need yoga, or guiding spirits or self help books. I have the Bible and the world before me. It is as obvious as the bee gathering pollen on a bright red flowers, the view of Pikes Peak from my study window, or the two-year-old shoveling sand into his diaper.
I am the Grandma now. I believe. And I did not have to do a darn thing except open my eyes and look around me.

"The great danger when man stops believing in God is not that he will believe in nothing, but that he will believe in anything." - G.K. Chesterton

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


How come we have a bigsister, a lilsister and a biglittlebrother and you get to be J. L. ROBINSON? Mom?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Most of my life I have felt like I was just the stupid little sister. I know nothing!!!! And for quite sometime, I don't think I really did. And though I HATED being the stupid little sister, I sure do miss it. I hope that now I can pass the title officially to the stupid, not so little brother. ( I love you Jason!)
Anyway. What I really wanted to say is that I am SO proud of my Big brother and Big sister. I don't get to see you much, and feel a little left out being so far away all the time. But I, being the little sister, have watched both of them go from nothing, to SOMETHING. No matter what anybody says, You did it!!! I don't know what people think sucsess is, but to me, it is YOU!! You made something of yourselves and have shared that with others. Whether that be, helping them buys nice work clothes because they didn't have any, or by asking your Mom and Dad to come down and help with your business. (Or when your little sister can't pay her power bill.) Sometimes we think that what we are doing may not be worth it, or that nobody cares or notices your hard work and the things you have done for them. These things are noticed and always remebered. And for what its worth, I am very proud of you, and proud to call you my brother and sister. I don't think anyone could ask for a better family, because no matter what we have done or what we may do, we know that WE LOVE EACH OTHER!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!! Thank you guys for always being there for me when I needed you. I am very proud of you, and I LOVE YOU!!!

Thank You Mom and Dad for getting us this far and helping to make us who we are!!!

And Jason, I'll be proud of you too when you get a JOB!!! (ha ha)

I love and miss you all!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Working With Class

When I left my previous job working for a state agency in Montana to move to Colorado, my boss complimented me on my 'work ethic'. I was proud. I had always showed up on time, everyday (unless close to death), helped others, volunteered when someone was needed to do that extra bit of work. It wasn't until he mentioned it, that I began thinking about what he was saying. He was telling me, in essence, that I was not 'normal'. Employees not longer work for the benefit of the agency, company, or organization. They only work for themselves.
Sure, I know that there are those out there who do care about their employer. Unfortunately I also am aware of the fact that their number seems to be shrinking. I look at my fellow employees at the non-profit, mental health organization I now work for and see a mix of those who care and those who feel they are doing all of us a favor by just showing up. Some of those think me a fool for all the little extras I do just outside my actual 'job description'.
I can't feel too badly about it. I believe it was something I was taught. Taught this by Grandma who grew food for all of us. By my dad who, in his twenties, worked hard so my mother was home with us kids. And by my husband who worked from early morning, until dark hauling Pepsi to give a better life to his girls and my not so easy children who he had taken on when he married me.
Those children, too, have been watching all of these years. They go the extra bit down the road too. As 'head honchos', my eldest son and eldest daughter have taken that helping and caring into their own personal management styles. The hard work and willingness to help others do well, works for them. They have risen quickly and have other hard workers coming to them wanting to change jobs to work under their supervision.
Someone needs to remind parents to teach their children that you are not being 'used' when you help others with what they are suppose to do. You are not stupid to do a little more than your Position Description lays out as your 'job'.
We may not be able to take credit for consciously teaching these values, but I am so thankful that this is what my children saw.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

All's well . . .?

Thank God there was very little violence(compared with what was expected)and the people of Iraq turned out in large numbers to vote, at least at large as our numbers in the U.S. Today's post at Power Line has some great pictures. (I have a link.) Also, Instapundit has a great cartoon!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Vote . . .

Praying about the voting in Iraq. This is one of those moments that could change the world. Will it go well? I am seeing very little happening that I feared. This could be very good. Keep our troops safe. Help us to help these people vote for their own freedom.